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Created as a fully featured DAM for small and medium sized organisations anselDAM is now available at introductory pricing.

Organisations need predictability and control over their costs. There are no hidden charges, and no chance to overspend.

You can walk away at any point paying only for what you have already used.

  • all features
  • 3 concurrent users
  • 100GB of asset storage
  • custom domain name
  • extra concurrent user
  • 1GB of additional asset storage

You can have any number of users registered, from inside or outside your organisation. You can allow a given level of access, such as read-only, to every user with an email address at your domain.

You are charged only for the number of users that will be logged in at the same time.

“Asset storage” is the space that your uploaded assets consume. This is the asset itself plus any generated previews and thumbnails.

A custom domain name allows you to use a name like dam.company.com, where company.com is your normal domain name. This is the URL you will give your users for login. It is also used for generating links and albums. This gives the recipient confidence that the link is genuine.

Special customisation, extra database fields for example, is available at additional cost.